Would you or someone you care about benefit from being part of a veteran/medical alert service dog team?  The following information from the TADSAW website may help you decide whether the TADSAW program is right for you.

The cost to train the service dog team is born by TADSAW.  Veterans have transportation costs associated with attending training.


1. Recognize and accept that you have PTSD/ TBI and want an alternative therapy to assist in restoring and improving your quality of life.

2. Make certain all immediate family members, and/or support systems are 100% supportive.

3. Make certain health care provider is on board.

4. Strong commitment to training, including your time, effort, and gas to attend the sessions and be a part of a service dog team.

5. Accept and understand that having a service dog will initially focus more attention to you. You will learn how to handle the situation and be more comfortable.

6. It is your obligation to keep your Battle Buddy healthy, well cared for, and safe.

7. Personal dogs to be evaluated must be spayed/neutered and at least 12 months of age.


8. If you are in agreement, contact TADSAW, INC. for an application.

For additional information and to apply for the program on the TADSAW website, go to: