Cross-Country Bicycle Tour

Trans-America Cycling recruited a cadre of cyclists for a cross-country bicycle tour 3000 plus miles across the USA from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL, from April 1 to May 18, 2019.  The Save-22-a-Day Trans-America Bicycle Tour cyclists rode to raise awareness of US military veterans’ high suicide rate, an astounding 22 veteran suicides per day.  PTSD and TBI are strong drivers of the suicides.  The problem is immense.  Over 3 million U.S. military personnel have participated in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone since 2001, and over 500,000 have PTSD and other mental health problems as a result.  The tour promoted veterans’ charities offering solutions to the problems and  chose TADSAW, a  charity committed to veteran suicide prevention, to benefit from the ride.  On our route we passed many communities with a large military presence and veterans in need.

Story of Save-22-a-Day Bicycle Tour on Internet

One can read the story of the tour at two different internet sites.

Trans-America Cycling, the tour operator, posted daily photos on their Facebook page accessed from the icon below.

A blog with daily inputs can be accessed at this url:      https://save22aday.blogspot.com/

The Route

The Southern Tier route extends over 3000 miles, starting at Dog Beach on the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, CA, and ending with a well deserved swim in the Atlantic Ocean beach at Anastasia State Park beach just outside of St. Augustine, FL.  Included on the route is over 77,000 feet of climbing, with the most significant climbs in mountains in California and Arizona and in the beautiful Texas Hill Country west of the City of Austin. 

Tour Stops and Daily Mileage and Vertical Ascent

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